A Message From Dwayne Hoover

by Dwayne Hoover

As you are no doubt aware, article content on The Modern Rogue has been a bit ... sporadic over the course of the last few weeks. Nothing has been published at all on some days, and on others things go live later than normal (like today!). And it very much goes against the “Read brand new articles every Monday through Friday” message that we proudly have displayed on our front page.

So I wanted to address that with our readers and contributors, because I received quite a few messages asking if “something is wrong.” To answer that question, no, nothing’s wrong. Something was wrong, but it had zero to do with The Modern Rogue or the rest of the team. The issue was twofold, and it was all on my end.

The first part, which you maybe saw on social media, was that I had a family medical emergency that was extremely serious and unexpected, and without warning I found myself basically living at the hospital for ten days. I tried bringing my laptop to get some work done while people were sleeping, but it just didn’t work out that way.

The second is that I realized very quickly that while we are, in fact, a small operation that does not yet have the need for an army of editorial staff, we absolutely need a backup plan in place if I am unable to do my job because of a medical emergency or even a “I need to go visit my luxury mansion in the Bahamas” emergency. And well, I didn’t have that in place.

That’s totally on me -- it’s probably one of the first things I should have thought of when I took over as Editor-in-Chief. But I didn’t, which meant you all weren’t getting any articles, and our writers weren’t receiving feedback on their pitches. It was a disaster, and one that’s entirely on my shoulders.

The good news is that I very quickly learned from it, and have recruited two talented individuals to learn what I do so that they can keep things rolling if I Wile E. Coyote off a cliff tomorrow. Well, maybe not tomorrow, because I’m still in the process of teaching them. Regardless, a plan is in motion for that.

Additionally, while the writers’ workshop was quiet for a while, I did catch up on feedback and was able to get some articles approved right away. Plus, quite a few of those pitches were from brand spanking new contributors to The Modern Rogue, which is super exciting. A couple have already gone up and you’ll see more over the coming days.

We’re mostly back on track now, thanks to all of you who have stepped up with hard work or just good old fashioned support. I hit a speed bump here -- unfortunately, it was just one of those gargantuan speed bumps that if you hit too fast, it completely ruins the underside of your car so it’s in the shop for a couple of weeks and seriously, why do they make speed bumps that big?

More to come. Stay tuned.